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Teacher, Writer, Speaker, Preacher

​I am an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Santa Clara University.  I think about questions concerning what we are, what God is like, what life after death may be like, and what it takes to live a flourishing life.  I may never satisfactorily answer these questions, but I believe trying to answer them in the temporally and spatially scattered community of thinkers both great and small (and obviously I'm in the latter category) will make me not only a better thinker but also a better and happier person.

Philosophy is not merely a job for me.  I desire to be a genuine lover of wisdom.  I am neither wise nor very good at loving wisdom.  Thankfully, there are exemplars who are wise and love wisdom.  They lived a certain way, and I strive to emulate their life.  Along the way, I sometimes write, speak, teach, and preach, and through that undertaking I hope that some will become inspired to pursue Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

Selected Publications


Picturing the Trinity: A Philosophical and Theological Inquiry. Cascade, forthcoming.


Achievement through humility: wild lessons from Benedictine monasticism, w/ Br. John Baptist Santa Ana, OSB, in Nicholls & Salazar (eds.) Mind Over Matter (Brill, forthcoming).

Incarnation, Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Religion (2021).

Resurrection, Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Religion (2021).

Popular (non-academic)

"I know there is good in you: Luke, Anakin, and Confucian filial piety," in Eberl & Decker (eds.) Star Wars and Philosophy Strike Back (forthcoming).




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